Resilience and results take practice…

After watching a video yesterday of a baby bear climbing up a mountain to reach its mother at the top, and trying over and over again until it finally succeeded (with no physical help from its mother, I might add, simply a lot of encouragement), it got me thinking; life is a lot like that, and no more so than during this pandemic, where governments, scientists, health workers, teachers, in fact all of us, are trying to get the best results without really knowing how, because we are still new at this. The secret seems to lie in practice, the ability to change, try something new and set off again; and although none of us would wish to keep going through the current pandemic, we are certainly learning a lot, trying new things, both scientifically to beat the virus and in our own lives where working from home (WFH) has become the new norm. We are still however, trying to perfect it, and as someone who is well used to driving to an office many kilometres way as I did in my last role in the Middle East, it is still quite a novelty to WFH. But how long will it last if I don’t hone what I do?

Well, if the pandemic does keep up, then we will have to do as that young bear did, and simply practice and change, and practice some more until we reach our desired goal. The thing to remember is that the goal posts have shifted from where we were a year ago, and so we should not aim to get back to exactly where we were before, but forge a new path with a new set of goals with the ultimate ones surrounding wellbeing, success and good old fashioned inner contentedness in our lives.

What new things have you done during this time? What have you failed miserably at and what have you succeeded in doing? I would love to hear some stories because learning from others is a great way to start.

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