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Our next training starts September 21st!

This training provides knowledge about the Swedish laws, rules, and responsibilities of work environment, while providing practice in systematic work environment. The training does not require prior knowledge.

Recommended for

Managers and safety representatives, other union representatives and employees that need knowledge about the systematic work environment in Sweden. This training is also recommended for those who have worked for a while in your role but have not gone through training in work environment.


To create good cooperation in workplaces by receiving well-rounded knowledge about systematic work environment in Sweden and provide a simple way of working with work environment as a natural part of day-to-day activities.


After the training, the participants should: 

  • Be able to collaborate on work environment issues
  • Be able to investigate and prevent risks in the work environment
  • Understand how good work environment contributes to the business
  • Know where you are looking for the information you need for daily systematic work environment management


This training alternates lectures with dialogue in small groups, both short and long exercises around cases, and the participant’s own reading and reflection between lectures. The training gives knowledge on work environment during four half days with the following themes:

  • Day 1 (2 half days), September 21-22: Cooperation, rules and roles
  • Day 2, September 28: Discovering and managing risks
  • Day 3m October 5: Development and changes in the workplace
  • Follow-up meeting (after 2 months): What have I done and how did it go?


12 000 SEK (excluding VAT)/participant including course material.


This training is held online with the support of digital platforms. You can register via e-mail to


Work Environment Training BASIC – English Online is offered in collaboration with Clever Collaboration Group Europe AB and Hariett AB.

Carolin Wilhelm is an experienced and appreciated lecturer and coach in the area of ​​Health and Work environment. Since 2006, she has worked with health and safety issues as a self-employed person and consultant in Work environment. Participants in Carolin’s trainings often give feedback that she is a ray of sunshine, responsive, pedagogical and has a high level of competence in the field.

Helena Klingström Lundberg is a certified BAM (Better Work Environment) trainer with extensive experience in leadership, education and digital learning. With a background in IT and several leadership roles, she started Hariett AB in 2010 and developed training in health and safety; and social & organizational work environment. With the attitude that simple is best and to take advantage of what is at hand, she manages to do a lot even with few resources.

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